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For information on the Waxers house league program, please visit our program page.

For information on the Waxers house league schedule, please visit our program schedule page.

Register a Player who is New to Hockey (never played in a Hockey Canada league before)

If you would like to register a player who is new to hockey and has never played in any organized league anywhere, please follow the steps below. If the player has played in a Hockey Canada league before, please email us at [email protected].

Registering for hockey the first time involves a few additional steps. If your child is brand new to organized hockey, you will need to:

  1. Request the Waxers create a Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) Player Profile for your child. (See step 1 below)

  2. Complete the Parent Respect In Sport Course. (See step 2 below)

  3. Complete the online Registration and Payment Process. (See step 3 below)

Next year it will be easier. You will only need to complete the third step to get registered! It is not a difficult process—just follow the steps in order below.

Step One: Complete the Profile Request Form

Please complete the New Player Profile Request Form. This form and the documentation it requires will be used to create your Player Profile in the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) and to get you ready for the next steps. You will receive an email when this is complete along with detailed instructions on how to proceed. Be patient! We turn around these requests as quickly as we can, but it can take up to seven days to get your profile created.

Step Two: Complete the Parent Respect In Sport Course

After step one is completed and your child has a HCR Player Profile, you can complete the Parent Respect In Sport course. This course, mandated by the Ontario Minor Hockey Association, must be completed before your child can step on the ice.

The course has a one-time cost of $12. This fee is set by the OMHA and is subject to change. Please note: We do not use a pre-registration code for Parent Respect in Sport.

You only need to take the program once—it does not expire.

If you are registering a child for the first time but have taken the program for another child, remember to add the child to your Respect in Sport account by way of their Child Management tab after you register them for the first time.

If you have taken the program for another sport such as soccer or baseball, you can transfer your certification by logging into the system and entering your certification number on the registration page.

Do not complete the Parent Respect in Sport course until directed to do so by the Waxers admin—your child's HCR Player Profile must be set up before you take it for the first time.

Download instructions on how to complete Parent Respect in Sports and update your account

More information is available on the OMHA website.

Step Three: Complete the Hockey Canada Online Registration

Once you pass the Parent Respect In Sport course you will be ready to complete the registration! You can download instructions on how to complete player registration in the Hockey Canada Registry system. This is the point where payment for your registration will also need to be completed, during check out. Waxers accept only credit cards for payment.

Special Requests

The Markham Waxers House League allows each player to make one special request to play with a friend. We do not accept coach requests.

Siblings in the same division will automatically be placed on the same team unless we are notified otherwise. However, we still ask the parents to complete a special request form to ensure we correctly identify sibling pairs.

To make a special request, complete our Waxers_House_League_Special_Request and submit it to the office by the deadline . Forms received after the deadline will not be considered, so please do not ask.