New to Waxers (moved to Markham or played elsewhere last season) (Markham Waxers)

PrintNew to Waxers (moved to Markham or played elsewhere last season)

House League Only Transfer
To register a player who wishes to play house league with the Waxers but does not reside within the Waxers residential centre (City of Markham), please email the Waxers registrar with your child's name as it appears on his Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) profile and his/her date of birth. The registrar will request a share of his profile for the year. When approved, you will be emailed with instructions on how to register.

OMHA Centre to OMHA Centre Transfer
To register a player who is moving from another OMHA centre, email Markham Waxers a completed residential move/transfer form with all supporting documentation that is listed on the applicable form. 

  1. Complete the OMHA Player Transfer Form for Residential Moves.

  2. Collect the requested documents. The form lists a variety of different documents that must be submitted with the form to prove residency.
    • Confirmation of school enrollment from your child's school.
    • Letter authorizing your child's school to verify enrollment to the OMHA.
    • Copy of fully executed Rental Agreement, registered transfer of ownership, or Agreement of purchase and sale.
    • Copy of parent(s) updated drivers license showing new residence address.
    • Copy of utility or similar bill indicating the parent's name and new address.
    • If applicable, an executed copy of any relevant separation agreement, custody order or divorce decree.
    • Notarized affidavit in split custody circumstances, with split residence, confirming the player resides within Markham more than 50% of the time (joint-custody).

  3. Scan each piece of supporting documentation as one document and submit in PDF format. (Don't scan each page separately, just scan each document separately.)

  4. Send all the documents at one time to [email protected].

The Waxers will upload the documents to the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR). Once the OMHA approves the transfer, the Waxers will notify you that you are now eligible to register and/or attend tryouts.

OHF Transfer
To register a player who was registered with a minor hockey association within the OHF (GTHL, Alliance, NOHA), please contact your outgoing member office to complete the residential move process.

International Transfer

To register a player who was registered with another international hockey association, please contact Virginia Jacobsen, Membership Services & Transfers at the OMHA (phone 905-780-2161).

Required forms:

  1. IIHF International Letter of Approval

  2. IIHF_Unlimited_Transfer_Form

  3. Copy of Passport

  4. OHF Residential Transfer Form with one document proving residency

  5. And for US citizens: USAH to HC Written Letter of Approval