Player's Choice (Markham Waxers)

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Players attending evaluations for BB or A teams in a division (age group) in which there are two or more teams can choose which Waxers evaluation to attend. If offered a spot on that team, players are free to sign.

This has been introduced as a pilot for 2024 evaluations. The policy will be reviewed after evaluations.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected].


What happens if my child attends an evaluation and is cut? Can they attend evaluations for another team?
All players are allowed to attend evaluations for any team of their choice. If they want to attend all evaluations for a division (age group), they can. If the player is cut, they are allowed to attend the other team's evaluations.

My child attended an evaluation for one team and was cut, can we get a release?
No. Your child will need to attend all Waxers team evaluations within their division (age group) in each category (BB or A) and be cut from those teams before releases will be issued.

Can a player that previously played for one BB or A team in a division (age group) now attend and tryout for the other BB or A team in that division or vice versa?
Yes. All players a free to attend evaluations for any team in their division (age group) regardless of which team they played for in previous seasons. Players can choose the teams for which they wish to try out.

If team 1 has an evaluation on a Monday and Team 2 has an evaluation on Tuesday, doesn’t Team 1 have an advantage?
No. There is no advantage to one team having an evaluation first. Players will decide which evaluation(s) they wish to attend. It is completely up to the player; not the team or coach.

How will my child know if they should attend the next evaluation session, have been asked to sign (made the team), or have been cut?
This procedure remains the same. Your child will be notified by the head coach via letter or email after each evaluation.