Program Overview (Markham Waxers)

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Mission Statement

The Markham Waxers Hockey Development Program will endeavour to provide all association members, both coaches and players, with the support and resources necessary to aid in their development and enrich their minor hockey experience.


Starting with the 2010 – 2011 hockey season, Markham Waxers Minor Hockey will be operating a Hockey Development Program to help aid in the development of all our minor hockey coaches and players.

The Markham Waxers Hockey Development Program (MWHDP) will encompass two separate programs, the Coach Mentorship Program and the Player Development Program.

For everyone who is involved in minor hockey in Markham, this program has been designed for them to help insure the proper support, tools, and resources are available as they progress through their development in minor hockey.

We hope that with their support and utilization of this program, minor hockey in Markham will reach a strengthened level of development as it relates to the support and resources being made available to everyone in our association.

Purpose of the Program

Over the past few hockey seasons, members of our association have made a growing request that there be additional levels of support and programs available to help them achieve higher levels of success throughout their hockey seasons. Understanding this need, Markham Waxers Minor Hockey has developed under the control of a director, the Markham Waxers Hockey Development Program.

This program will grow on its own to meet the needs of all our members while following the constitution set fourth by Markham Waxers Minor Hockey and its mission. In particular to organize, develop and promote minor ice hockey for the youth of the Town of Markham including Unionville and Thornhill. As well to continually strive to become an improved hockey organization exemplifying the standard for others to follow.

The Hockey Development Program will work in partnership with the Ontario Minor Hockey Association and Hockey Canada, following the guidelines and framework already available. Whenever possible, the Markham Waxers Hockey Development Program will use those resources and programs available through these governing bodies and execute them at the local level.

We hope that with the implementation of this program, we will see success in many areas, including and not limited to; higher coach recruitment/retention, an increase in players and parents believing in “community hockey”, a higher promotion of players through AE-AAA, and an improved level of success and enjoyment of all our member teams, players, and coaches.