HCR 3.0 Check the Status of your Qualifications & Clinic Registration (Markham Waxers)

PrintHCR 3.0 Check the Status of your Qualifications & Clinic Registration

Check the Status of your Qualifications

Hockey Canada has migrated to a new database, Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) 3.0. This upgraded version of HCR replaces three separate platforms: HCR 2.0, HCR Online Registration, and eHockey. All information that previously was stored in these three platforms should have been moved into HCR 3.0.

HCR 3.0 gives you access to:

  • Playing history
  • Coaching or officiating certifications
  • Respect in Sport status including certificate number and expiry date (if applicable)
    • On a player account you will find RIS "Parent" information
    • On a bench staff account you will find RIS "Activity Leader" information
  • Gender Identity and Expression course status
  • Police Vulnerable Sector Check status including expiry date (Note that PVSC expiry dates listed in HCR are three years but the Waxers require an updated PVSC every two years.)
  • Your family members’ HCR information by linking them to your account
  • Sign up for certification clinics (coming soon!)

To access your information to either check your certification status or register a player, you must create a NEW account login for HCR 3.0.

Please create your new account and verify that all your certification and PVSC information was migrated completely ASAP. Any issues must be resolved before you can register or be rostered for the upcoming season.


Create Your HCR 3.0 Account

My HCR 3.0 Account

View Your Qualifications in HCR 3.0

2022-2023 Team Official Qualifications Requirements 

Clinic Registration

Clinic Registration through HCR 3.0

Registration for certification clinics will be done through your HCR 3.0 account. The OMHA will be adding clinics as the functionality becomes available in HCR 3.0. 

View Clinic Listings and Register for Clinics

  1. Log into your HCR 3.0 account.
  2. In the black menu across the top of the page click on Register for Clinics.
  3. Select the clinic category:
    • General
      Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders
      Gender Identity and Expression Course
      HU - Planning a Safe Return to Hockey
    • Coach
      Coach 1 - Intro to Coach
      Coach 2 - Coach Level
      Development 1
      High Performance 1
      High Performance 2
    • Trainer
      HCSP Trainer Level 1
      HCSP Trainer Level 1 Refresher
    • Specialty Skills
      HU - Online Checking
  4. Locate your clinic.
  5. Click the Open for Registration button.
  6. Read through the clinic information and requirements.
  7. Click the Register button.
  8. Select the member linked to your account that you want to register.
  9. Click the Start Registration button.
  10. Follow the prompts to register and pay.