Waxers Certification Reimbursement (Markham Waxers)

Waxers Certification Reimbursement
The Waxers provide 100% refund of certification course fees for volunteers rostered to a Waxers team. Expenses such as lunch, parking, or mileage are not refunded. Certification courses must be completed no later than November 1. Reimbursement is processed when all certifications required to roster you to your team position have been completed and you have submitted a clear PVSC. Refund cheques will be mailed to the address provided on the refund form by January 30th to rostered team officials in good standing with the Waxers. The Waxers reimburse clinic fees that provide the minimum qualifications to be a certified volunteer in a given position. You are welcome to take a higher level courses (e.g., Level 2 Trainer Certification), however, we will provide a refund based on the cost of a certification clinic at the minimum certification required.

Volunteer Information


The team for which you are requesting reimbursement.

Certification One

Certification Two

Certification Three

Receipt for Fees

The original PVSC must be on file in the Waxers office to receive reimbursement.  Qualifications will be verified in HCR.