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Sep 21, 2020 | Deb Larsen | 13353 views
Where Can You Register to Play Hockey for 2020-2021?
Within the Ontario Hockey Federation there are a number of cities that have shared jurisdictions between OHF Members, the Minor Hockey ALLIANCE of Ontario (ALLIANCE), Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) and the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA). For the 2020-2021 season, players who reside within the shared jurisdictions of Burlington, Hamilton, Markham and St. Catharines are to return to their home centre or register with the centre they were with for the 2019-2020 season.

This decision is supported by the OHF Return to Hockey Framework that required summer participation to be conducted through 2019-2020 Registered programs. It continues to create ease of registration for the purpose of insurance and participation, while discouraging competition between Members and Associations who are providing modified programming.


U8 or Younger

2019-20 Organization Options for 2020-21
Markham Waxers Markham Waxers
Thornhill CHL Thornhill CHL
GTHL House League Remain with the same HL or return to Markham Waxers or THCHL


2019-20 Organization Options for 2020-21
Markham Waxers Markham Waxers or Markham Islander/Majors
GTHL House League Markham Waxers or Markham Islanders/Majors or stay with the same House League or the “A”, “AA” team from that same house league.

U11 or Older

2019-20 Organization Options for 2020-21
Markham Waxers Markham Waxers
Markham Islanders/Majors Markham Islanders/Majors or any GTHL Team
GTHL Team Stay with the same team or return to either Majors/Islanders or Waxers
GTHL House League Markham Waxers, THCHL or remain with the same HL or the “A”, “AA” team from that same house league.

It is the responsibility of these Associations to ensure if there are not opportunities to participate in programming within their Association, that they work with the adjacent Association(s) in the shared jurisdiction to provide the player an opportunity to participate in Hockey Canada programming.

The OHF Return to Hockey Framework is designed for collaboration within Public Health Units to encourage player participation. If Associations in these shared jurisdictions have a unique solution, as a collective they can bring that solution through their Members to be considered by the OHF. If a player within a shared jurisdiction has a unique situation, they can appeal to the OHF Registration Committee.

This decision will only stand for the 2020-2021 season. Any questions are to be directed to your Member.

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