Evaluation Procedures (Markham Waxers)

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Evaluation Regulations

A, AA, AAA: Lake Ontario Region (LOR) Regulations

The Markham Waxers are subject to  the Lake Ontario Region (LOR) Regulations set by the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) with respect to evaluations and player releases for A, AA, and AAA.

All player release decisions are made together by the head coach and the Waxers executive.

BB: OMHA Regulation 4.5

BB teams follow OMHA Regulation 4.5. Players trying out for Markham BB teams must reside in Markham. Download the OMHA Manual of Operations.

Evaluation Schedules

As per Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) regulations, evaluations for U10 - U18 teams will be held in the spring. Full tryouts for the U18 AAA team will be in August.

Evaluations for players in U9 and younger will be held in September. The evaluation schedule for the fall will be posted in early September.

Category Division(s) Evaluation Start Date  Evaluation Schedule
AAA U10- U18 April 20  AAA Schedule
AA U10 - U18 April 27  AA Schedule
A U10 - U18 May4  A Schedule
BB U10 - U18 May 11  BB Schedule
Select U10 - U18
May 17  RS Schedule

Evaluations Paperwork

Players without the proper paperwork required to try out with the Markham Waxers will not be allowed on the ice during evaluations. NO EXCEPTIONS.

It is the responsibility of the player to obtain the proper paperwork from the association with which they played during last season.


Permission To Skate (PTS) Processing

LOR PTS processing is an online process.

How to request a PTS form.


As per OHF Regulation E49 (“A player who resides in an OMHA LOR Centre/AAA Zone from U10 to U13 requires a release from his Centre of residence at AAA to tryout at AAA, at AA to tryout at AA, and at A to tryout at A with other teams in the LOR.”) and E54 (“From U10 to U13, teams must conduct tryouts and offer player registrations within the following timelines”) the following procedures with respect to player releases will be followed by all OMHA-LOR centres / AAA Zones:

  1. No player releases will be issued prior to evaluations.

  2. You must attend evaluations to obtain a release. If you are not invited back to attend the next evaluation, you may request a release from the coach at the end of the evaluation.

  3. Player releases for U10 to U13 are at the discretion of the association in conjunction with the head coach.

  4. Player releases are specific for each category (AAA/AA/A). If you obtain a release for AA, it only allows you to attend AA evaluations within the LOR. It does not allow you to attend A evaluations.

This procedure is in accordance with the LOR Regulation and there will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please refer to the OHF website if you have any questions.