Championship Results, Peewee, 2015-2016, HL (Markham Waxers)

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Peewee Championship Results & Standings

Thanks to all for a fun set of final championship games! Here are the results of our games:

As such, our final playoff championship standings are as follows:


Photo Gallery

If anyone has photos from our games that they would like to be shared on the website, please send them to [email protected] and I'll add them to our Championship Weekend Photo Gallery.

Esso Medal Winners

Most Improved

P1 Light Blue Roadrunners - Abdul-Arham Naim
P2 Blackhawks - Carson McKenna
P3 Red Rapids - William Milankov
P4 White Yetis - Jaskeerat Randhawa
P5 Green Hornets - Benjamin Cook
P6 Gold - The Simpsons - Connor Harkness
P7 Orange Crushers - Eashvar Sukumar
P8 Royal Blue Lightning - Alessandro Petralito

Most Sportsmanlike

P1 Light Blue Roadrunners - Sam Michael Coppa
P2 Blackhawks - Noah Rossi
P3 Red Rapids - Alexander O'Flaherty
P4 White Yetis - Naman Malhotra
P5 Green Hornets - Joshua Herron
P6 Gold - The Simpsons - Jonpaul Colangelo
P7 Orange Crushers - Evan Locke
P8 Royal Blue Lightning - Tyler Luu

Most Dedicated

P1 Light Blue Roadrunners - Jack Bell
P2 Blackhawks - Zakhir Ebrahim
P3 Red Rapids - Jenshan Baskaran
P4 White Yetis - Jason Lam
P5 Green Hornets - Kaede Sorensen
P6 Gold - The Simpsons - Christian Santos
P7 Orange Crushers - Tyler Wong
P8 Royal Blue Lightning - Christian Leger

Thanks once again to all volunteer Coaches for offering their time to our players! Thanks to all families for getting the players to the rink every week and for cheering on their efforts! And, finally, thanks to all of our players for their hard work and dedication to the game!

Until next season!